Baywatch star Jeremy Jackson’s homeless ex Loni Willison picks through trash after he ‘REFUSED to help’ former model

BAYWATCH star Jeremy Jackson’s homeless ex-wife Loni Willison was spotted picking through trash in southern California this week.

The former model looked frail as she bundled up in a black coat, grey leggings and red socks.


Loni Willison was spotted around the Venice Beach area pulling a shopping trolley full of her belongingsCredit: BackGrid


Before her breakdown, Loni worked as a fitness modelCredit: Facebook


The ex-wife of Baywatch star Jeremy Jackson was spotted going through trash binsCredit: BackGrid

As The Sun exclusively reported, Loni — who once posed on the cover of fitness magazines — has been homeless since she suffered a breakdown in 2016.

Jeremy’s ex-girlfriend, Cindy Kovacs, exclusively told The Sun that the actor refused to help his ex-wife years after their split in 2014.

She said: “It’s really sad what happened to Loni and she never got the help she needs.”

Cindy said she was appalled at Jeremy’s reaction when Loni was found living off Melrose Avenue in LA in 2018.


The former model has been living on the streets since 2016Credit: BackGrid


Loni told The Sun back in October that she doesn’t want any helpCredit: BackGrid


Loni pulled a card full of clothes and belongingsCredit: BackGrid

She claimed: “Jeremy was going to get her help [after] Loni ran away, but he didn’t do anything. It was worth nothing to him.

“Myself and friends said to him, ‘You still have to help her,’ but he said, ‘F**k that b***h.’


Loni wore a pair of fox socks on her feet with no shoesCredit: BackGrid


Loni claimed she no longer has a phone and is fine living on the streetsCredit: Facebook


The 37-year-old pulled a card behind herCredit: BackGrid


She kept the cold out with a thick coatCredit: BackGrid

“He didn’t give a s**t. It was appalling, sickening.”

When approached by The Sun at his home, Jeremy had no comment about his ex-wife’s troubled life.

The Sun spoke to Loni, 37, in October 2020 after she was was missing from friends and family for two years. 


Loni appeared to have a fold up mattress to sleep onCredit: BackGrid


Bundled up in plenty of layers, Loni had no shoes on her feet as she went through trash cansCredit: BackGrid


It’s not clear exactly what Loni was looking forCredit: BackGrid


Before her breakdown, Loni was a successful model and married to actor Jeremy Jackson.Credit: Getty Images

The former cover girl rejected offers of help, saying: “I haven’t spoken to Jeremy. I don’t want to speak to my friends, I’m doing just fine. I don’t want anyone to help me.”

She continued: “I can live on my own. I’ve got everything I need right here. Nobody really cares about me and I don’t want to see them, they don’t want to see me. 

“I haven’t got a cell phone. I’ve got food and I’ve got a place to sleep.

“I get money here and there and there’s food in the bins and near the stores. There’s lots here.”


Jeremy starred as Hobie on BaywatchCredit: Rex Features


Jeremy has been slammed by his ex-girlfriend Cindy KovacsCredit: Cindy Kovacs


Loni was a model for fitness magazinesCredit: Facebook

Loni, who was once on the cover of Australia’s Glam Fit magazine, is now living on the streets close to Venice Pier.

On suffering a mental breakdown in 2016, Loni lost her job, apartment and car and ending up living rough on the streets.

She disappeared in October 2018 after a failed attempt by friends to get her into rehab.

The blonde, who has several missing teeth, had been battling an addiction to crystal meth and alcohol, as well as mental health issues.


Jeremy was a child star but battled addictions as he grew up Credit: Getty Images – Getty


Jeremy has reportedly refused to help his ex-wifeCredit: Getty Images

Loni’s ex Jeremy, 40, played Hobie Buchanan in Baywatch from 1991 to 1999 alongside his screen dad David Hasselhoff and stars including Pamela Anderson, Donna D’Errico and Yasmine Bleeth.

The former child star, who has himself battled addiction issues, is now a leading figure in LA’s fitness scene.

Asked two years ago about his ex, he replied: “All I can tell you is that my attention, my time, my focus is where I can be most effective and we’re doing all right.”

After he left Baywatch, he had problems with drugs and booze, later saying: “I smoked pot every day, and I did cocaine until it stopped working.”


Jeremy starred alongside on-screen dad David HasselhoffCredit: Getty Images – Getty


The couple split after a series of fightsCredit: Getty Images

Aged 19, he was charged with drug possession and intent to sell, serving 90 days in jail.

In 2011, he told Celebrity Rehab With Dr Drew: “I had the fame, I had the girls, I had the money, and I threw it away.

“My drug of choice was crystal meth, and it was big-time downhill from that point on. I was drinking, doing coke, chasing this high with girls and sex. It was out of control.”

After stints in rehab, he appeared on 2015’s Celebrity Big Brother in the UK but was kicked off the show for opening model Chloe Goodman’s robe.


Jeremy starred in Baywatch next to icon Pamela AndersonCredit: Getty Images – Getty


Jeremy appeared on 2015’s Celebrity Big Brother in the UK but was kicked off the show for opening model Chloe Goodman’s robeCredit: Getty Images – Getty

In April 2015, he was arrested for allegedly stabbing a man Westlake, CA, then fleeing the scene. The charges were reportedly dropped.

He was arrested again in August that year after a woman claimed he stabbed her in the back, arm and leg during an argument about her boyfriend’s car.

He was later sentenced to 270 days in jail and put on probation for five years.


Loni spoke to The Sun in October 2020 where she said she didn’t want any helpCredit: The Sun


Jeremy told Dr Drew in 2011 ‘I had the fame, I had the girls, I had the money, and I threw it away’Credit: Getty Images – Getty



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Hundreds of destitute Americans live in tents on or near Venice Beach while others live in RVs parked nearby.

The city has set up portable toilets and water stations around homeless sites and there are regular street clean ups and outreach programmes.

But locals have reported an increase in crime and criminal activity such as drug dealing, burglaries, thefts and prostitution.

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