FA fail in their bid to extend Kieran Trippier’s ban for breach of betting rules

What a farce! Kieran Trippier’s ban will end on Februato run despite the fact he’s still playing! Atletico defender may not miss ANY more matches as FIFA rule his 10-week suspension for betting breaches will end on February 28 regardless of appeal

Kieran Trippier was handed a 10-week ban by FA for breach of betting rulesHe served less than two weeks before Atletico appealed and FIFA paused banFA tried to extend end of ban but have been unable, meaning it ends on Feb 28That means Trippier could reach end of his ban without missing another game

The FA have failed in their attempts to extend the end of Atletico Madrid defender Kieran Trippier’s betting ban, meaning he could get to the end of his suspension without missing any more matches. 

Trippier served less than two weeks of the 10-week ban when FIFA paused the global extension of his punishment following an appeal by Atletico.

The sanction was imposed for Trippier giving information to friends on his transfer from Tottenham to the Spanish capital in 2019 which he knew they were using for betting. The ban runs through until February 28.

Kieran Trippier’s 10-week ban for breaching betting rules expires on the final day of February 

The FA’s bid to extend his ban has been rejected and he may not miss any more Atletico games 

The FA asked its own independent regulatory commission to revise the dates of the suspension until FIFA decided on whether the suspension should apply beyond England.

But the FA said on Thursday the appeal had been rejected, meaning the punishment expires on February 28 even if the FIFA part of the case is still ongoing and Trippier misses no more games.

The FA commission concluded Trippier was entitled to think ‘these long drawn-out proceedings had been finalised and that as from the end of February 2021 he could begin a new chapter,’ and that changing the dates of the suspension would create uncertainty for the player.

The decision also means if Trippier was to return to play in England in the transfer window that runs through until February 1, the ban will have been considered to still be running since December 21.

FIFA have paused the ban in Spain pending their investigations, much to the FA’s frustration 

Trippier is therefore allowed to continue playing while the ban edges closer to its conclusion 

Therefore, any move to England – and more specifically, Manchester United – now appears to be extremely unlikely given he would be banned for the first month. 

‘We accept that the suspension is probably having a deleterious effect upon [Trippier’s] transfer prospects,’ the FA said.

‘There is a very real benefit to football worldwide,’ the FA commission said, ‘in resolving as quickly as possible whether it is open to clubs to intervene as [Atletico Madrid] has done in this case in the absence of its player’s consent and, indeed, against his wishes when such intervention might be viewed as frustrating the outcome of national disciplinary processes and the ability of FIFA to give effect to those outcomes worldwide.’

 The decision does mean it is unlikely Trippier will secure a move back to England in January

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