Ozark boss hints that Marty Byrde WILL survive final season as he teases that show ‘won’t pull a Breaking Bad’

OZARK’S boss has hinted Marty Byrde WILL survive the final season and teased the show ‘won’t pull a Breaking Bad’.

The Netflix drama will return for a fourth and final outing and will follow the Byrde family as they continue to try and outsmart and escape their enemies.



Ozark’s boss has hinted Marty Byrde will not die in the final season Credit: Alamy

Some fans have drawn comparisons between their exploits to those of Walter White in hit AMC drama Breaking Bad, which saw him go from a High School science teacher to a gun-toting meth dealer.

Equally, the Byrde’s have gone from a normal family to prominent money launderers who deal with Mexican drug cartels.

However, Ozark’s boss Chris Munday has hinted that – unlike Walter, who is killed at the end of Breaking Bad – Ozark patriarch Marty (Jason Bateman) will survive.

Speaking during an interview with Netflix, Chris said: “To me, Breaking Bad was sort of about the – you’re watching the hardening of a heart.


Ozark boss Chris Munday he won’t do a ‘Breaking Bad’ to Marty Credit: AMC


Walter White was killed at the end of the AMC series Credit: Handout

“I mean, brilliantly done obviously but it really was that very individual thing. 

“I understand the comparisons at the beginning, I think they’re a little easy but there’s sort of a main man and a drug cartel and then hopefully from there they diverge quite a bit.” 

He continued: “For us, we’ve tried to bring in more of the world, I think Breaking Bad did a really good job of just narrowing, narrowing, narrowing into Walter White,

“And we’ve tried to go outward, outward, outward into the world a little bit. It’s about the Byrde family and the Langmore family and the Snell family, and the sort of economic impact of those things across culture and society.”


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Referring to one of Ozark’s early reviews which had a headline of ‘Well, all know where this is ending’, he added: “I remember thinking, first of all, I don’t know where this is ending but also I know their idea was a very Breaking Bad ending.

“And that’s not been the intention from the beginning.”

Ozark seasons 1-3 and Breaking Bad are all available on Netflix.

Official trailer for Season 3 of Netflix crime drama Ozark

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